Wednesday, 11 November 2015


The Background 

We started the weekly blog, God's Pill almost two years ago and if you will recall the inspiration behind it is to raise 'Thinking Christians', people who can through the veracity and integrity of the scriptures stand on their own two feet. The capsules most times ran counter to the traditional teachings, not because I want to, but it was necessary if purpose was to be served (Mark 7:13). However every assertion had scriptural backing and spiritual logic. It was necessary to encourage dialogue by feedback, but these were few compared to the size of the audience.

Over a period of time I have been inquiring of the Lord on the next step of development for God's Pill whilst staying true to the original inspiration. Two events within 4 weeks of each other nudged me in this direction. The first was a very good friend of mine attended a spiritual leadership seminar and during the discussions the teacher asked some questions. She eventually was able to give near satisfactory insight, her only regret was that she wished she had paid more attention to the weekly capsules, God's Pill. By her own admission all the answers were there, these were issues that had be thoroughly dealt with in different capsules.

The second event, happened shortly after the first. I also was present at a meeting where the same teacher taught on the dynamics between faith and unbelief, and the purpose of prayer and fasting. This topic has always been of interest to me and in actual fact it was the subject of GOD'S PILL: 2014 CAPSULES 40-42 (published about 12 months ago). I was delighted to see that this concept was becoming mainstream and that a lot of people were blessed. It shows that traditional beliefs and teachings can always be trumped by the truth of the word of God. I reminded two of my friends when we came out of the meeting. Yes, it occurred to them during the meeting but only vaguely, to my surprise some avid followers of God's pill did not remember at all, this bothered me, it ought not to be so. I was convinced that when the emotion and euphoria of the moment wear out they would soon forget and it will not be a concept which they live by. A few days later one of my friends suggested the idea of GOD'S PILL: TEMPERATURE AND PULSE CHECK! and here it is.

The purpose of 'God's pill: Temperature and Pulse check' is to purse quarterly to check the vital signs of the readers. Ask questions, deal with feedback and generally stir up things a little bit more and check that the capsules have been well absolved, and consider whether we need to adjust the dosage, so to say, after all 'God's pill, is meant to be smooth and small enough to swallow, easily digestible to release it's goodness. Strictly no side effects.'

The Concept 

We would like to encourage as many as possible to help assist in this next phase. There is nothing wrong in asking questions, in fact answers bring further clarity and help clarify thorny issues when they are asked without prejudice (Mark 4:10, Matthew 17:19, Luke 1:34-37, John 3:4). In fact I say this, don't trust any teacher that does no encourage inquisitiveness or who is afraid to say I don't know (Acts 1:7). We have used the work book format as this is familiar to most people.

Please go through God's Pill : 2014 Capsules 40-42 (This is best accessed through the blog site, click on 2014 and scroll down to capsule 40) and let's have the first 'Temperature and Pulse check'. I have no doubt that we would modify it as we go along. This is also your opportunity to introduce the blog to a wider audience.
I have carefully selected some questions to capture the essence of the teaching. They are meant to encourage you to consider and ponder. The answers are signposted just to assist the whole process, the best part is you get to mark your own answers (I will be happy to include suggestions in future modifications)


1. Is 'belief ' the answer to all things or if I believe can something else hinder me?
(The answer is in Capsule 40, 2014)

2. Is doubt and unbelief the same thing? (The answer is in capsule 41, 2014)

3. Christ, referring to the unbelief, said 'this kind.......',(Matthew 17: 21) suggesting that there are different types of 'unbeliefs'? (The answer is in capsule 42, 2014)

4. What makes faith great? (Matthew 15:28, Luke 7:9). Is it the size or purity?
(Matthew 17:20, Luke 17:6) (The answer is in capsule 40).

5. What is the role of praying and fasting? Does it affect God or demons?
(The answer is in Capsules 40 and 42)

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