Wednesday, 24 August 2016




As promised this capsule will be devoted to TEMPERATURE AND PULSE CHECK. This concept is just to take a snap look at our vital signs so to say with respect to the last body of teaching. Without a doubt the last series is definitely the longest we have had so far. At the beginning you will recall that I said my motivation was to try and codify things into few simple principles that would help sharpen your focus. I am well aware that in our discussions, I say somethings that go against the traditional teachings. I can assure you that these are carefully selected to help correct years of emotional teaching that has no root in sound doctrine.

I believe this concept of God's Pill is divinely inspired, I know it is a tool that would help in this drive to make the scriptures profitable unto all good works. The Temperature and Pulse check is based on the feedbacks received during the last series 'Walking in the Supernatural Supply of God: 1. God is my source, God is my only source 2. He anticipated and made a provision for my need before the need arose 3. The supply is always more abundant than the need 4. Everything I need has been provided by grace in my born again spirit 5. I can access the provision by faith 6. Blessed to be a blessing 7.Hold no Grudges 8.Praise; Attitude filled with gratitude. We capped it up with two parables from Christ (Luke 11:5-13, Luke 18:2-8). These are all joined up thought process.

In ending the last series, I encouraged you to go through the series in one fell swoop to clean up your system and detox your mind. In addition to this I cannot over emphasise the need to pay attention to the scriptural references, everything depends on this. This is what removes the teachings from the category of fine words to life changing concepts. It is important that you put these principles into practice and not just see them as theoretical. You need to work them, for them to work. The spiritual is real, tangible and can be taught/learned, it can be proven.


1. If God anticipated my need before it arose, why does He need my intervention? (Capsules 14-15, 20-21, 2016)
2. What is the difference between thanksgiving, praise and worship? (Capsule 26, 2016)
3. Does faith move God, if not, what is the purpose of faith? (Capsules 20-21, 2016)
4. Any thoughts about the statement 'weak in faith as opposed to weak faith? Which is more appropriate for the New Covenant?
5. What is the place of parables in the New Covenant, are they mysteries? (Capsules 30-31, 2016)

The next set of capsules will take a closer look at some of the reasons why your experience might be at variance with Matthew 7:7-8 and Luke 11:8-9.

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'Femi Idowu