Thursday, 3 November 2016


       The Preamble
This is the TEMPERATURE and PULSE check for the last series: ANSWERS TO SOME NAGGING QUESTIONS. Everyone of us in our Christian life come to a point where our experience appear to challenge what we have in Christ, this is common to all, don't let anybody fool you (1 Peter 5:9). We then have one of three decisions to make, just one, it cannot be a combination, and that is where the difference is. The choices are whether to:-
- Live in quiet frustration, paying lip service to these truths like most people around you and settle for mediocrity (2 Timothy 3:5,7)  
- Revert back to type, with a strange mix of old and New Covenant concoction (Luke 5:36-39) 
Find out why things are not working the way they ought, without backing down from our position in Christ and making the necessary course corrections (Romans 3:4).

In the last nine capsules we have discussed some of the reasons why the promise in Matthew 7:7-8 and Luke 11:8-9 might have appeared too good to be true. As previously stated , there is no way I can be exhaustive, this forum is not designed for that and more importantly I don't know everything and cannot teach you everything I know even if I try, that is the function of the WORD and the HOLY SPIRIT. But I am persuaded that with what we have shared and discussed, if you put them to practice with pure motive and don't give up, when you Ask you will Receive, when you Seek you will Find, when you Knock it will be Opened with increasing frequency.
What we have discussed affects every aspect of the Christian life: Forgiveness of SIN/sins, Freedom from demonic oppression, Divine health/Healing and Material prosperity. In our discussions I have tried to make things as simple as possible, but these things only work when they become a living concept or habit. To assist with this, we have introduced the Booster dose and Slow-release capsules just to mix things up a bit and get you into the habit of thinking and asking WHY?. Here are some questions below to check your vital signs, please go through the nine capsules again before or after, it will be fun and get your juice flowing.

1. Give examples of other scriptures that validate Matthew 7:7-8 and Luke 11:8-9 (Capsule 34, 2016) 
2. What would you consider the most important reason why individuals struggle to actualise Matthew 7:7-8 or what would you consider as the primary purpose of prayers.  
3. Is there any difference between RECEIVING and HAVING ? If so what separates them ?

4. What makes the Epistle of James unique ?

5. How does PATIENCE work, and what is the result? (Capsules 37-39, 2016)
6. What is the difference between natural wisdom and wisdom in James chapter One (Capsule 42, 2016)

7. Why is it of vital importance to know what is promised in the New Covenant? (Capsule 36, 2016)
As we end this year, don't take your eyes off the prize, the next series will light your fire, expect great things.
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